ASUS RT-N16 firmware download gratis (ver. 3.­0.­0.­4.­374.­979)

Op deze pagina kunt u ASUS RT-N16 firmware voor Netwerk altijd gratis downloaden.

ASUS RT-N16 (ver. 3.­0.­0.­4.­374.­979) ZIP beschikbaar 2013.10.09.

Bestand 7 keer gedownload, en 4825 keer bekeken.

Categorie Netwerk
Apparaat RT-N16
Besturingssysteem Firmware
Versie 3.­0.­0.­4.­374.­979
Bestands grootte 23.83 Mb
Bestands type ZIP
Beschikbaar 2013.10.09
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Firmware for ASUS RT-N16 This version add many new features,­ please press the reset button more than 5 seconds to reset the RT-N16 after firmware upgraded to prevent unexpected problem.­ AiCloud 2.­0 released 1.­All new aicloud web interface 2.­ Support video subtitles (.­srt format) For better video compatibility,­ windows user need to update VLC to v2.­0.­8 or later 3.­ File/­ folder can be shared to Facebook(router must have public IP) 4.­ Supported mobile version web interface 5.­ Supported router to router sync Please refer to video via: http:/­/­www.­youtube.­com/­watch?­v=vG6BEjUrzfc&feature=share&list=UUlSsNTCjMEGj8Guo_­NmiMWA 6.­ Fixed smartsync related issues.­ Fixed: 1.­ Fixed throughput issue when VPN server broadcast is enabled.­ 2.­ Fixed DNS Amplified DDoS vulnerability.­ 3.­ Fixed HK ISP DHCP connection issue.­ 4.­ Fixed USB application update related issues.­ 5.­ Reduced the redundant packets when used 3G/­4G dongle as WAN and opened web browser.­ 6.­ Fixed the traffic monitor related issues when used 3G/­4G dongle as WAN,­ 7.­ Fixed client duplicated issue in network map 8.­ removed modem setting button in AP mode 9.­ Fixed IE related parental control issue.­ 10 Fixed multicast IPTV related issues in PPPoE/­PPTP/­L2TP connection.­ 11.­ Fixed script error 'invalid argument on IE' 12.­ Fixed smart sync JS error 13.­ Fixed JST time zone issue.­ Added: 1.­ Unmount all disks with 1-click 2.­ Disk scan feature.­ It is in external USB disk status tab in network map.­ 3.­ PPTP VPN server status GUI 4.­ Recognized .­rmvb files as video format in media server.­ 5.­ Show more detail information in USB application install process.­ 6.­ Roaming assistance option in wireless->professional.­ Administrator can define the disconnection RSSI threshold.­ It can help client switch to better signal AP faster in multiple AP environment.­ IPv6 1.­ Fixed PPP IPv6 global address retrieval 2.­ added DHCP-PD option 3.­ Added LAN DHCPv6 server 4.­ Added network status GUI.­ 5.­ Added option domain name if available 3G/­4G dongles 1.­ Support Yota LTE dongle LU150 2.­ Support ZTE LTE dongle MF821 3.­ Support 3G dongle Q110 4.­ Support Huawei EC306

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